Single-Cell Protein Market Emerging Technology And Application 2018 - 2025

Market Overview:

Single cell protein is microbial cell which has have high nutritional value as it contains essential amino acid, vitamins and lipid content which are considered as an vital source of protein for humans. Single cell protein is extracted from mixed or pure cultures of yeast, fungi, algaeand bacteria. Global Single-Cell Protein market size was estimated USD XXmillion in 2017 andit is expected that the market will grow with CAGR of XX% from 2017-2025. In 2025 the market is expected to reach at USD XX million.

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Market Dynamics:

Global single cell protein market is anticipated to grow in the coming yearsdue to rising demand for food with low-fat concentration as a result of there is rise in the number of population with malnutrition. According to data revealed by the UNICEF 34.5% of the global children population in eastern and southern Africa is malnutrition.

Market Players:

Nutreco N.V. NOW Food Health LLC., Aumgene Biosciences, PRO SOLO SPA, BIO-CAT, BIOMIN Holding GmbH,Devenish Nutrition Limited, Novozymes, Alltech, Inc., and Willows Ingredientsare some of the prominent players in the Single-Cell Protein market.

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Market Segmentation:

The Single-Cell Protein market can be segmented on the basis of feedstock, application, species and region. On the basis of applications,the Single-Cell Protein market can be segmented into animal feed and pet food, food and beverages and dietary supplements among others segments.The food and beverages segment is expected to grow over the forecast period majorly as it helpsto improve the nutritive value of the foods.

Further, on the basis of feedstock the Single-Cell Protein market is divided into organic and conventional. On the basis of species, the targeted market can be segmented into Fungi, Bacteria and Yeast. North America is estimated to have major shares in the market over the coming years as there is growing demand of food with additional nutritious in this regions.

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