The Scientect Journal of Life Sciences (SJLS) is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes literature in all disciplines of the life sciences including biology, medicine, biochemistry and biotechnology, forensic science, food science and agriculture. The SJLS is a pilot project of the Scientect Initiative by young scientists and early career researchers from Ghana to broadcast science and research to the general public and the academic community worldwide. The Scientect Initiative was launched in February 2016 with the introduction of our scholarly blog website. The goal of SJLS is to publish the work of Ghanaian researchers and scientists, focussing mainly on the research work of undergraduates. SJLS also welcome articles in all disciplines of life science from the international community. SJLS is edited and managed by the Scientect Editorial Team (SET) with the support of external reviewers in the different areas of life sciences.

Scientect Journals respects the privacy and confidentiality of users of our hosted Journals. All personal information provided including name and email address will remain within our records and will not be used for other purposes.