The recent research puts electric vehicles on a test in support of system stability

Experts have begun generating their ideas of how exactly they can be implemented to the full potential of electric vehicles since the majority use cars for transportation purposes. 

The ACT organization appears to be working on a strategy that will earn electric vehicle owners’ huge bucks, provision of stability, and reaffirmation in the National Energy Market (NEM). 

About 51 new electric vehicles in Canberra, we will be part of the trial, which will include plugging the car into the country’s power system, preventing loss of electricity, and enhancing irregular variations of power. 

For implementation, a two-way battery model must be included, and it is being manufactured. The model allows the electric vehicles to be charged from the system and convey electricity the time is required. Once the electric cars get plugged in, they will prevent the loss of vast masses of power.

The vehicles will only be doing power supply twice a year, that is, ONLY when there are storms or an emergency in the power system.

According to Sturmberg, these cars will only require 15 minutes at a single time and will only lose 5% of the vehicle’s battery. Sturmberg added that electric car owners could amass annual earnings of about $1,000 as a result of their broad participation. Electric vehicles play a huge role in the future energy solution, especially in Australia. 

The popularity of electric vehicles on the rise

According to a report released by Mozo, figure sales of electric vehicles between 2018 and 2019 have risen by 200 percent, having over 6,700 sold cars. 

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) stated that petrol hybrid sales had increased by 54 percent last year (2019), an impressive report. However, the research revealed that whole-battery electric vehicle sales recorded 0.6 percent of the sum vehicle sales last year (2019). Having seen such impressive benefits from electric vehicles, what is preventing the daily Aussie from implementing the greener path strategy to their daily transportation?

Price of electric vehicles

Electric Car Guide shows that the forefront price of an electric car can be $50,000, an expensive figure that might be unaffordable to an average car owner.   

++The usage of affordable electric vehicles should be normalized, and it should include more government support. If politics could offer support for the usage of electric vehicles and educate the entire society that the government was behind all the transition to electric cars, then cities and economies could transform.