Electric cars will transition Nevada to an eco-friendly and habitable country that is emission-free

The representative of Assembly District 10 in the Nevada Legislature, Rochelle Nguyen, narrates an exciting experience after trying out an electric car. She says that her first time driving in an EV was at an event featuring Plug In America and Clark County’s Department of Environment and Sustainability.

Rochelle explains that she couldn’t tell she had ignited the car since the car was quiet. This Nissan Leaf did not have noisy components as it is usually in conventional vehicles, yet the acceleration of the electric motor is supersonic. She seems to understand that EVs are way better than gasoline cars since they both have the same function of taking people to their destinations. Some of the advantages of electric vehicles are that they do not have carbon emissions and are not affected by fuel prices in addition to other numerous maintenance processes.

The state legislator is supportive of installing charging stations as many strategic points as possible. This thought is to trigger industrialists to find ways of extracting electricity for electric vehicles from renewables. It also implies that the country needs more EV models so that they replace gas-powered cars.

She reveals her excitement to learn that Governor Steve Sisolak will push for clean energy vehicle standards in Nevada. This move will catapult the automakers to either manufacture electric vehicles or ship them in from other countries. She hopes that her children and the Nevadans can have a spectacle of electric cars.

Rochelle explains that the people will get an experience of zoning past gas stations to the charging stations or rather charge their cars at the comfort of their homes. Additionally, Nevadans can avoid the struggles of changing the oil and visiting mechanics due to the simplicity of the electric vehicles.

The Nevada State Assembly is committed to ensuring the safety and healthy living of the citizens by passing laws that address climate change. These laws imply that the automobile industry has to shift to electric cars to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from conventional vehicles.

The country’s legislative council is generally considering the health conditions related to vehicle fumes like asthma and other respiratory problems. Rochelle says that she is pleading for children so that they can enjoy a clean environment in school.

Finally, Rochelle submits that it is essential to consider the protection of the environment as well as the health safety of the entire nation. She hopes that they can restructure their system to experience clean air and stable weather conditions.